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Evento Oneness
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Experiential music show, which presents an innovative musical and visual proposal.

Music composed and performed by Orlando Sandoval & Daniela de Mari
along with " Breath of Life" , where genres such as Classical Crossover, Neoclassic, Epic, New Age, Ethereal Wave and World Music merge.

"SANCTUARY" - 1st Track

"THE BLESSING" - 3rd Track

"GAYATRI" - 5th Track

"MOON DANCER" - 7th Track

"BEFORE DAWN" - 2nd Track

"ARABIAN DREAMS" - 4th Track

"GATE GATE" - 6th Track

"CELESTIAL" - 8th Track

ONENESS - Symphony for the awakening of the heart.

Oneness Sinfonia is a Contemporary Symphonic Work that has been
consolidated as a
multi-sensory experience ,

thanks to the beauty of the melodies and compositions (fusion of classic and contemporary forms, pop, mantras), the magic of its interpreters, the innovative mix of colors and textures, and the implementation of high technology.


ONENESS invites us to live an experience for the soul and the senses.


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Evento Oneness
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Born in Italy and raised in Colombia, Daniela has dedicated her life to music, Sound Healing, spirituality, and the study of foreign languages ​​and ethnic cultures.


Endowed with crystal clear sound and a wide vocal range, this “transformational” Soprano's visionary dream is based primarily on the true desire to give her audience infinite states of harmony and well-being through the power and magical force of music and the human voice deeply touching the hearts of his audience.

Having taken voice lessons from a very young age, Daniela's voice and work focuses on modern new age music, combining original electronic and organic sounds to remind us of the healing power of music.

She is confident in the relationship between music and the heartbeat of the universe, which makes the performances unique and magical.


In addition to classical and popular singing, Daniela uses vocal techniques from Celtic culture, medieval songs, Ragas and classical songs from India, Arab styles and even indigenous ancestral techniques.


Composer, arranger, producer and pianist from Colombia.

His experiences in South America, Europe, and the United States have given his music a unique style that encompasses varied rhythms, harmonies, and an exciting palette of sounds. Twice nominated as a Producer for the Latin Grammy. He participated in the Viña del Mar International Song Festival in Chile, second place in the Latin Jazz Composition Award of SGAE, Spain and Best Song of the Year in Festivegas, competition from the United States.

He has produced artists such as: Snowy White (Pink Floyd-England), Nuno da Camara, (Portugal), Fania García, Roxana, Lucrecia, Claudia Gómez, (Spain), Adriana Bottina, Jorge Celedón, Julián Caycedo, Daniela de Mari, Ana María González, Sebastián Mejía, Giselle, Karito, (Colombia), among others. Orlando has released two CD's as a solo artist.

Productor Orlando Sandoval


"An experience for the soul and the senses"

This production is characterized by the implementation of different technologies in its live presentations; such as: high definition led screens, spot, wash and point robotic heads, laser, terrestrial smoke machine and complementary with contemporary dance; this to make the concert a robust multi-sensory experience with the intention of transporting the audience to the interior of itself ...


Artistic and technical production, scenographic conceptualization: Artefacto23


Technical Rider for Show Oneness - Version 1 and 2

Download link:

ONENESS is designed as a Symphonic Show.

In which the Main Group joins a Symphony Orchestra in its largest format to offer in a wide way, that multi-sensory experience through music and seek through it the awakening of the heart and healing.

Show Composition : 7 main musicians: Daniela de Mari & Orlando Sandoval with Breath of Life + Orchestra: 16 philharmonic musicians. Full version composition: 7 main musicians and 55 Orchestra musicians.


ONENESS , was launched on April 19, 2017 in Bogotá, Colombia, at the Julio Mario Santo Domingo Theater.


For this launch presentation, the participation and collaboration of the Orquesta Nueva Filarmonía, under the direction of Maestro Ricardo Jaramillo, participated and collaborated.




ONENESS - The Awakened Heart Symphony

Music by Orlando Sandoval and Daniela De Mari

COPYRIGHT 2017 Breath of Life Music Corp.


Participation and musical collaboration in launch:

New Philharmonic Orchestra

Orchestra Direction: Maestro Ricardo Jaramillo.

Management and representation of Show Oneness - The Awakened Heart Symphony

Creation of shows. Artistic Production, Technical Production and Scenographic Conceptualization: Artefacto 23 SAS / Tel. 57- 1- 3203451175


Instagram: @oneness_sinfonia

Youtube: ARTEFACTO23SAS - Playlist - Oneness

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